Coaching Goals


  • It is important to win games, but it is more important to respect the game of baseball. Top Notch coaches will teach players how to play with integrity, honor and respect for their op­ponent and their own team. Furthermore, each player, parent and coach will be held accountable for their sportsmanship on and off the field.


  • The reason we play, coach and watch baseball is the love of the game! Sometimes the pressure and frustration of com­petition can overshadow the game. Therefore, we will make an intentional effort to incorporate the value of the importance of truly ones devotion to the game of baseball.


  • Every player has their own style, but at the core of every good player are fundamentals. We recognize that for our young athletes to develop into solid players we must commit to teaching sound fundamentals. Therefore, we will consistently devote practice time to ensure that all players establish sound fundamentals.


  • Good ball players are smart ball players. Our coaches will teach players the overall strategy of baseball.  Learn to make good decisions on the field, to prepare both mentally and physically for the game.


  • A team is only successful when each member puts the needs of the team first. We will consistently teach the value of team so that each player understands “No one is bigger than the program”.


  • Practice is extremely valuable, but we recognize it cannot replace game experience and that a player has to have substantial game time (scrimmage’s, intra-squad, tournaments) to get better. While the Top Notch organization will not guarantee equal playing time, we will ensure that all player’s get an opportunity.



We have learned from experience that players and coaches sometimes lose proper perspective on the game of baseball. When the game starts to speed up, gets out of bal­ance, negative behaviors follow. Many times we see players lose their temper or get (down) depressed when they are not playing well or don’t live up to ones expectations. It is our goal to teach the players how to keep the pressures of competition in bal­ance and it is important for the coaches to maintain and support a composed perspective in any situation.


Competitive sports always bring up real life challenges and issues. Our desire is to use these challenges and issues as teaching opportunities to instill skills that not only apply to baseball but all aspects of life (Hard work, accountability, leadership, perseverance, etc.)


Our players will repeatedly face competitive situations throughout their life. Therefore, we strive to teach our players to compete with a sense of urgency, play with character and act with integrity in everything we do.