A baseball coach is a Teacher, Administrator, Fundraiser, Field Crew, and Trainer. The head coach identifies educational goals, organizes information, develops practice plans, provides learning stimulus, and monitors the progress of athletes. Whether in practices or games, the coach seeks to create and maintain an effective learning environment.

When only one style or instructional approach is used, you learn that players learn and process information differently. More opportunity and quality of instruction is the goal for coaches and this team while providing continuity both on and off the field.   This information identifies the expectations of everyone involved ex: on time, attire, how to act in games, on and off the field   I.E parents, player, coach’s behavior.


Our Program is designed to provide instruction and information about the way “Top-Notch” Baseball Programs will practice and play. The way we practice and play baseball is a style, defined (as the right way to play) an in your face competitive way of playing the game. We teach, encourage, and demand our players to respect the game of baseball, practice at full speed like it’s a game, concentrate, show effort, execute, and have a good time on the field.

In practices, we regularly emphasize the baseball fundamentals while practicing at game speed. Learning proper technique is one important phase of the game. The other is situational baseball, learning basic strategy and coordinating assignments for our team’s offense (batters and runners) and defense (pitcher and fielders).

Success and effectiveness on the baseball field requires more than ability, players must develop an awareness for the precision of teamwork. On every pitch and every batted ball, each offensive and defensive player has an individual assignment to perform. In order to play “The Top Notch Way”, players must learn their assignments, and then execute them according to the situation that develops on the field.

In this Program Manual, the basic strategic assignments used for offense and defense are explained in detail. As a team member, it is your responsibility to learn your assignment, knowing what to do and being able to apply is the foundation of the “Top Notch Way”.


The Top notch Academy goal is to provide a positive and competitive environment for young players to learn and develop both on, and off, the field. Our mission is to instill a solid foundation for development based around respect, class, hustle and hard work. Top-Notch emphasis is practicing like you play to ensure that every rep is taken at game speed.

We also design our program to maximize the exposure of our players by playing a competitive schedule, combined with strategic elite national events. The common purpose of all Top Notch staff is to put players in a position to succeed, therefore gaining confidence with success and learning from failure.

Top Notch’s coaching staff brings a strong baseball background and passion to teach the game. The staff members experience range from College to the Major Leagues. Baseball is a great game that can provide many unique opportunities, but they do not come without sacrifice. As an organization, we will build skills through fundamentals and repetitions, playing the game the right way, competing with the sense of urgency and attitude that reflects our appreciation for the opportunity to play baseball.