Parents Roles & Responsibilities

*For all Top Notch Activities*

We strongly encourage our Top Notch parents, family member(s) and friends to make all Top Notch activities a positive experience for each team member, coaching staff, and other organizational support system. The Top-Notch Family with coaching staff believes in parent interaction along with welcoming family, financial, organizational and promotional support. That being said, parents toe a fine line when it comes to differences of coaching and organizational philosophies. We will attempt to spell everything out for all so you know what to expect and most importantly, what you are getting into. The Top Notch Baseball Academy is not for everyone. We encourage all involved to understand that “Not one individual is bigger than the program”

*Top Notch Expects Parents To*

 Get your son to Top Notch activities on time and ready to concentrate while always exhibiting effort.

 Please practice with your son on their own time on improving individual skills.

 Stress to your child Top Notch Organizational philosophies to ensure yours son gets the most out of his experience.

 Request to speak with the coaching staff privately before or after all program activities.

 Not to make negative comments in front of players or other parents.

 Not bring up negative issues immediately before, between or until you have time to cool off.

Consider solutions to the concerns you have.

Make sure you are ready to hear the truth before you assume or ask.  

We also ask you to…

Maintain your Positive Support and Encouragement while expressing Empathy towards all sharing in the Top-Notch experience. You are expected to promote positive feedback and cheers while demonstrating Respect for the game of Baseball. As a parent you must instill Confidence, Trust and the decision making ability of our coaches and staff. Keep in mind they have a lifetime of knowledge making decisions in the best interest of your child’s Athletic & Personal Development.

Failure to comply will result in the following Process:

  1. Warning
  2. A warning will be issued verbally to all involved.
  3. There will be no repercussions to all parties involved if compliant to our wishes to verbally disengage and immediately leave the scene. 
  4. If confrontation continues past a warning with member, parent, family member or friend of the member involved or relationship in the incident in anyway, will be asked to leave the dugout and continue to watch from the seating area outside the playing field.
  5. If you choose to stay engaged, all involved will suffer member privileges as determined
  • Gone from the program no questions asked…