Responsibilities & Roles

Dress & Appearance: Practice, Pre-game and Game

  • No jewelry (rings, headbands, earrings or any other rings that require piercings) will not be permitted during games and practices.
  • Always hustle to the dugout when entering the playing field.
  • Baseball attire for all games and practices unless we are hitting in the cages the boys can wear shorts. Spikes or mold plastic spikes are required equipment at all times except when practicing indoors then running shoes or turf shoes are acceptable.
  •  Wear uniforms and practice attire properly. You will be required to be fully dressed from the time you get to the field until the time you leave. This includes pants, shirt, socks, belt, and caps.
  • Wear your uniform in a respectful manner at all times. Only a team colored baseball shirt is worn underneath your uniform jersey. 
  • Jerseys are tucked inside the pants at all times. A player missing any part of the uniform will be held accountable by whatever means necessary by the coach.
  • During games and practices, equipment bags will be stored under the dugout bench or hung outside. No equipment bags in the middle of the walking areas of the dugout.
  • Hats and gloves are always together inside the dugout.

Practice and games

  • Attendance at practice is expected. If you are unable to attend practice, text or email the manager or a coach to notify the team.  
  • You are expected to be on time for practice, meetings and games. If you will miss a practice or a game, for any reason, the manager must know about it as soon as possible.
  • Know your field responsibilities; get them done quickly before you pick a baseball before practice or games.  Pick up team equipment before your own.
  • When the team is ready to stretch be sure your lines are straight.
  • Leaders have to take charge.

Players Roles

  • Put the team first. Be a team player. Take pride in your teammates achievements. Develop loyalty.
  • Support your teammates. Baseball is a team game. We succeed and fail on the field as a team. Be supportive of your teammates at all times.
  • Encourage and pick each other up. Support your teammates.
  • Concentrate. Whether in a game or at practice, keep your mind focused on the team’s baseball objectives.
  • Master the fundamentals. Learn the basic skills. To become a skilled player on game day, start by being a good practice player.
  • Learn from adversity. Mistakes will happen in baseball. Errors are part of the game. Learn from them and move on. Every player and coach will make errors that are both physical and mental. What sets winning teams apart from others is the ability to minimize these mistakes throughout the season. Learn from the experience.
  • Anticipate each pitch and fielding situation. Players are never spectators—when you are on the field, be prepared to be involved in every play. Know your role. With every pitch anticipate the action and get in position to make the play.
  • Demonstrate your respect for our team and the game of baseball by conducting yourself with honor on the field.
  • Be a good communicator. There is a time to talk and a time to listen—know the difference. Be attentive and listen well to your coaches and teammates. Respond positively to direction.  We are all trying to help.

Program Standards

Top-Notch style of play, we Sprint on and off the field (9-5)

On Offense:

  • Always have the first 4 hitters of every inning ready to go to the plate at all times.
  • Every hit is a double. 
  • Always touch first base(no matter what).
  • Always get your sign on offense and acknowledge.
  • Sprint to first base and other bases after base on balls (walk).
  • Sprint back to the dugout after ground ball out or fly out.
  • After the third out when we are on offense drop equipment wherever you are on the bases or hand coach your helmet then proceed to hustle to your position.
  • Always look for sign right after catcher receives the ball.
  • If you are not sure of the sign, ask .
  • We will always dive back to the bag no matter what on any pick off throws.
  • We always pick up our teammates glove if left stranded on the bases after the third out.

     On Defense:

  • If a pitcher is taken out of the game, hand the ball to the coach and hustle to the dugout. Relief pitcher must hustle to the mound from the bullpen. 
  • We will always communicate on defense before the pitch is thrown
  • We will always help fielders with pop-ups, wild pitches, passed balls, etc.
  • We will always have a pre pitch movement.
  • When the 3rd out is made we sprint off the field.
  • Always give the number of outs once one is recorded.